"Working with Jackie has been such a worthwhile, positive experience. In a short time, her insight, suggestions and guidance helped me eliminate emotional eating, lose weight, improve my home life and reduce anxiety. I am calmer and happier thanks to Jackie’s coaching!"


“You conducted a great class today... full of useful information, but also inspiring and motivating. 

I once heard a motivational speaker who said if you engage in a conversation with someone during an airplane flight, and they follow you off the plane, you know you’ve reached them.  I think it’s safe to say they were “following you off the plane today.”



​"Jackie and I formed a non-judgmental

partnership in which my target issues, such as lack of exercise and motivation, were discussed and examined.As a coach, Jackie

helped me identify self-motivating strateies

and a"baby-step" plan of action to get moving and to get organized. I used her wealth of experience and resources to guide me in establishing and implementing my weekly plan. I would definitely use her coaching

guidance again."


"If you derive job satisfaction from making a difference in people’s lives, please consider me one of those people.  You have given me so much more than knowledge and information.  You’ve helped me change my way of thinking."


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